Thursday, February 6, 2014

Who Guards the Guardians?

This is a site for concerned Clarence, NY taxpayers to discuss issues affecting them and their town. Last year's school tax debacle was just the beginning.

We think that taxes are the price we pay for a civilized society, but we're not going to let demagogues destroy the town and our schools over pennies while they enrich themselves on the public dime. Gone are the days when we just sit back and let a small minority of people lie about the facts, and threaten our community and our home values.

Calling yourself a "taxpayer" doesn't make you the final arbiter of what's good for the town. And when the so-called "taxpayer" group fails to notice or comment on things like the town Supervisor David Hartzell giving himself a couple of raises, then really there's no one watching out for the taxpayers, because it all boils down to party politics. 

You can bet if the town clown was a Democrat, the "taxpayers" would be all over him. But he's a Republican, the town board that voted for the raises is Republican, and chances are you're a Republican, too. 

So, that's the first lesson, Clarence. Your Supervisor gave himself two raises. Not a whole lot, but in a town where we're mass-firing teachers and arguing over whether we should have local residents drive our school buses, EVERY PENNY COUNTS.

Hartzell was sworn into office in January 2012. Outgoing Supervisor Bylewski had actually cut the Supervisor rate of pay for 2012 from $77,096 to $76,357.  This was done before the election that Hartzell won.

But Hartzell thought he deserved more, so in 2013, he bumped himself from $76,357 all the way up to $78,648. That's a $2,300 raise - 3% - for a part-time job!

Not satisfied, in 2013, Hartzell gave himself (well, with the Republican town board's help) a raise from $78,648 to $79,148 - another $500!

So, for his part-time job as Supervisor (don't forget he's also IDA Chairman!) Hartzell has given himself a raise - without opposition - of $2,800 - 3.7%.

I'm looking at you, town hall. 

I'm looking at you, highway department. 

I'm looking at you, senior center.

I'm looking at you "Clarence Taxpayers who watch out for taxpayers except when the Supervisor gives himself a raise".

Party's over.

Want to tell the people what you know? Want to call out elected officials and town employees who talk the talk about taxes and spending but don't walk the walk? Want to help combat the lies?

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