Wednesday, April 8, 2015

More Lies and Propaganda From the Vandals

So, the vandals got spanked a little. Last week their chief vandal, Ellie Corcoran, sent this out:

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Today, there's this:

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Oh, so now there were a lot of you there? 

No, there weren't. The applause for anyone of you lot talking about "salary caps" and how awful and greedy the teachers are was anemic - one or two people. Perhaps someone got a hold of you and told you that it's dumb to underscore how pathetic and alone your little crew is, but you can't just wake up two weeks later and say, "WHOOPS THERE WERE TONS OF US THERE". 

But here, you're doing something even more devious and treacherous. You're suggesting that the teachers would lash out, intimidate, or undertake some form of retribution against anyone speaking out against a budget that hasn't even been passed yet.  

That, Ellie Corcoran, is pure and unadulterated bull manure. 

Ask Lahti and Showalter if their kids who are in the system are mistreated because of how and when they got elected. Ask the teachers if they would know which kids to target even if they wanted to. 

What this amounts to is a blatant and transparent attempt further to demonize teachers and turn educated teaching professionals into little more than union goons. There is absolutely no evidence or proof that any teacher would ever punish a student for his or her parents' views on the school budget. There's no proof because it never happened and would never happen. 

Ellie Corcoran, who frog-marched Susan Altman and Maryellen Kloss out of a "budget meeting" she organized because it wasn't really about the budget - just how to vote it down. Ellie Corcoran, who tells her minions only she and the evil teachers show up to these budget hearings, completely ignoring how her crowd is overwhelmingly outnumbered every time, and how they spout utter uninformed nonsense with every breath. 

How come Ellie isn't talking about the question she asked Hicks - in an attempt to manufacture another talking point - why the administration hadn't retained the services of a professional contract negotiator. He replied that they had - an independent labor lawyer is representing the district in ongoing negotiations with the CTA. How come Ellie isn't mentioning the one guy who talked about "salary caps" for teachers, as if they were paid NFL or NHL salaries? Because it was idiotic, probably. How come Ellie isn't talking about how her tax bill is 32% lower today than it was in 2006? Because it would completely undermine her cretinous "compounding" meme. 

The budget hasn't been finalized yet. If your ideology is to simply vote "no" every year, no matter what, you're not to be taken seriously.  

What's more egregious is that these vandals are threatening your kids' educations, your property values, and lying about the teaching professionals in Clarence. 

Shame on them. 

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