Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Andrews, Stock, and Kloss

Keep Clarence Schools Great has endorsed Tricia Andrews, Matt Stock, and incumbent Maryellen Kloss for the Clarence School Board. There are two additional candidates - Richard Worling, the darling of the tea party set - and Dennis Priore, who seems like a nice guy with his heart in the right place.

The problem is this - the anti-school people are urging their supporters to vote only for Worling. If they vote for any other candidate, they add to their vote totals. Worling has reportedly been selling himself in different ways, depending on the audience. To the Bee - and this is likely to be repeated at the candidate forum on May 13th - Worling is presenting himself as a school-loving, reasonable guy whose kids just happen to go to a private fundamentalist religious school completely by accident. But to his fellow parishioners at the Chapel at Crosspoint, he's apparently selling himself as the candidate of "Christian values".

This doesn't just bode poorly for the school district going forward - after all, Worling is only financially invested in the Clarence schools, and his investment in the education piece is non-existent. This poses a direct threat to the ELA curriculum the next time somebody comes up with a book with a bad word in it,  (and believe you me - the Lahti book fiasco was them putting that toe in the water).

"Clarence Taxpayers" dream scenario
This is before you get to the fundamental truth that the anti-school people want your kids to go begging in the street for spare change to help fund school programs.  This is all about their vision of a third-world public school system run by questionably educated volunteers, in mud huts with no supplies.

And when the kids do have to resort to panhandling - as they did last year through the good work of CSEF - these taxpayer heroes walk right on by, cursing the urchin scum.

Last year, Matt Stock dropped out of a crowded school board race to try and ensure that pro-school candidates are elected. This self-sacrifice for the greater good has bought him oodles of goodwill this year among friends of the schools.

This year, it's even more important that Dennis Priore follow Stock's example and do the same. It is dramatically important that the pro-school vote not be diluted, and that the three candidates who are both financially and educationally invested in the system are elected.

If you know Priore, please intervene with him to do the right thing here. Tell your friends when they "ASK" to vote for

Stock and

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