Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Good, The Bad, and the Future of Our Schools

When it comes to the fight over the future of Clarence Schools, it is undeniable that there are good actors, and there are bad actors. Today, we examine both sides of that coin.

Good Actor: Dennis Priore

Dennis Priore: GOOD
1. Dennis Priore is a class act who deserves our gratitude and support. He has sacrificed himself for the greater good, and I urge everyone to thank him profusely for it.  By bowing out of the race for school board, he has eliminated the chance that the pro-school vote will be split. This leaves us with three open slots, three pro-school candidates, and one anti-school candidate. Not only that, but Priore is urging his supporters to back the ASK slate of Andrews, Stock, and Kloss.

After so much heartache, it's nice to catch a break once in a while.

Make no mistake - next time Priore runs for an open seat, he deserves everyone's endorsement and support, because he proves through this selfless act that he does place the interests of the kids and the district above his own. Here is his statement:
I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for your support over these past few months, as I campaigned for the first time as a candidate for the Clarence Board of Education. It was a wonderful experience meeting so many great Clarence residents. Today I have decided to withdraw from the race, because I believe that by staying in the race I would be splitting the vote among the three other like minded candidates. I am throwing my full support behind Maryellen Kloss, Trish Andrews and Matt Stock. I urge everyone who is eligible to vote in this election to support these three as well as the proposed budget and bus proposition. I intend to remain active in the Clarence School District and would hope for your support in the future. Thank you again.

Bad Actor: Richard Worling

2. Go over and scan the list of people who met the CSEF 1000 Families Challenge in 2013. It was a program set up for parents to pay the difference between their actual tax levy, and what they would have paid had the original above-cap budget gone through.  The money that CSEF raised went to fund our lost programs and clubs for the 2013 - 2014 school year. For me personally, a donation to CSEF is the litmus test for anyone's support of the school district and students. For me personally, if you purport to be a supporter of the schools, but couldn't be bothered to pony up a couple hundred bucks when it really counted, you're a liar.

When you look through the list of CSEF donors, the surname "Worling" does not appear. Richard Worling (as well as the others on the Clarence Taxpayers hit parade) did not donate any money to help restore clubs, teams, or music programs. He talks the talk, but when it really mattered, he failed to walk the walk.

Richard Worling's refusal to help fund CSEF's 2013 restoration initiative is an automatic disqualification for election to the school board.

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