Monday, June 2, 2014

Buffalo Business First: School Ranking Roll-Out

Every June, Buffalo Business First releases its various rankings of western New York schools and districts. These rankings use a complicated algorithm to assess how big of an educational bang taxpayers get for their school tax buck. 

Clarence has a reputation for educational excellence and cost-effectiveness.  It is only through false, twisted, well-funded propaganda that certain people came to doubt this. On top of the skewed information, the propagandists would have you believe that the school district is somehow disrespectful of the taxpayers. 

Nothing could be further from the truth. 

As of last year, the Clarence Central School District was ranked #3, behind Williamsville and East Aurora. In fact, Clarence's decline was already reflected last year, as East Aurora edged Clarence out of the #2 spot. 

People who like to get a good value for their money expect great results. 

In order properly to respect the taxpayers, we need to strive for #1; not #2 or #3. 

We won't know how Clarence ranks in 2014 for another couple of weeks, but we do have one new data point. Clarence's teachers are 13th in terms of pay. The highest-paid teacher earns $92,680. A starting teacher earns $45,750, and the median is $62,370. 

The people who complain about what teachers earn bring up tons of oranges to compare to this particular apple. They compare teacher pay at parochial and private schools, and basically suggest that they should be held to lower qualification standards and earn less pay.  But when you ask them how much, they never give you a straight answer. Do you think $46,000 per year is excessive for a professional with a master's degree? How about $92,600 for a professional with a master's and 30 years of experience? 

Teachers at Sweet Home make the most - $51,300 to start, a median pay of $78,300, and the highest-paid teacher earns just under $100,000. 

Educating the next generations of Americans. Providing educational excellence. What's that worth to you and your family? 

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