Thursday, June 26, 2014

Sour Grapes

From this week's Bee Heard:
New school buses, really? I think we have enough buses if you count all the SUVs and mini vans that drop their kids off at school every day. We have a huge problem at the middle school with half-empty buses and hundreds of vehicles that cause daily traffic jams before and after school. Maybe these parents could arrange car pools, so we could eliminate the need for new buses and daily traffic jams. 
Right. Maybe we can ask Santa Claus to use his sleigh.

There is no problem with "half-empty buses", despite the fact that many kids get dropped off. Also - the reason we need new buses isn't because we need MORE buses.  It's because the EXISTING FLEET IS TOO OLD AND UNSAFE

Sorry that your need to avoid a "traffic jam" outweighs the needs of kids to get to school safely.

You know, I see a big parking lot with a lot of cars in it at the Senior Center.  Based on the logic shown above, they don't need a taxpayer-funded shuttle bus.

Never let it be said that Clarence doesn't have a whole lot of selfish people.
The Clarence School District has more than 92 buses, 46 with more than 100,000 miles and no buses newer than 2010. I am a taxpayer with a 1995 and a 1999 car trying to keep my head above water. After 10 years, they are complaining it’s difficult to purchase parts for their buses. Well, give me a list of the parts needed and let me see if I can find them. Also, let’s find out the cost of contract transportation so taxpayers can compare costs. This is ridiculous.
What's ridiculous is that you haven't gone out and "found out the cost of contract transportation" yourself, oh woeful whiner. You're a taxpayer with a 1995 and 1999 car, so maybe we can hire you to transport kids, right?

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