Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Clarence Central School District: Respecting the Taxpayers

Business First has more good news for Clarence taxpayers - i.e., the people who think that they deserve maximum benefit and minimum cost.

Yesterday, we learned that Clarence teachers' salaries don't even crack the top 10 in western New York, and let's not forget how many we've let go in the last few years.

Today, we learn two new data points that should make taxpayers downright cheery.

Clarence broke the top ten on the list of districts with the lowest spending. Clarence is 8th, spending less than $15,000 per pupil - 31.66% lower than the state average.

Another data point to consider: Clarence is one of the 25 lowest-spending school districts in the entire state

Another baseless charge that the pediaphobes throw around is that there's too much administrative waste in Clarence.

That, too, is not borne out by the facts. The Clarence Central School District is the 6th most administratively efficient district out of the 98 western New York school districts. As Business First explains,

Business First's three-part rating formula is designed to determine which Western New York school districts have the tightest budgets and leanest staffs, regardless of academic performance. 
The best rankings go to districts with low spending rates per pupil, high ratios of students per administrative staffer (a group that includes principals, assistant principals and district-office employees), and small percentages of their budgets committed to debt service.
The best way to combat lies and propaganda is with the facts. Remember:

  • one of the 25 lowest spending districts in New York State; 
  • 8th lowest spending in western New York;
  • 6th best for administrative efficiency in western New York; and
  • teacher rate of pay not excessive.

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