Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Clarence Tea Party Goose Prepares to Meet Gander

In Clarence, a woman from Boston
has hatred she seems to be lost in.
While insulting kids
or making up fibs
"projection's" the word that gets tossed in.

Ellie Corcoran is a member of the Buffalo area tea party. There are two distinct wings of that group - the libertarians and the Paladino/Palinists; she is aligned with the latter.

Please note that I will not use her name any longer on Facebook. She is not able to deal with criticism of her political behavior and is now lashing out.

The Paladinoists are the worse of the two wings - completely without scruples or ideology, they are united in their fanatical and unquestioning loyalty and devotion to pretty much whatever the majority thinks in every day's WBEN online listener poll.

Regurgitated Breitbartisms rule their day.

Back in May, on the day of the school budget vote, a group of Clarence High School kids joined together to rally for a "yes" vote near the corner of Main Street and Gunnville. One older person in a car pulled up at the light and yelled at a 14 year old girl and a 15 year old boy that they were "brainwashed scumbags".

Imagine that for a second - that you are so full of hatred and bile that you would take it upon yourself as a supposedly responsible adult to yell vicious things at schoolkids who are doing little more than using political speech to fight for their education.

Under normal circumstances, the malevolent tea party types would applaud kids who are involved in civic affairs and stand up for what they believe. That all gets chucked out the window when the involvement and stand runs counter to tea party ideology, and it makes it ok in their pathetic minds to hurl drive-by insults at kids.

Two posts to the Watchdog Facebook Page were recently pulled as allegedly being violative of Facebook's community standards. The first one, from May right after the election, was a direct response to a picture Corcoran posted to her Facebook page that directly called me out. Here it is:

Unfortunately, I don't recall what my response was, but it was made directly to her and called her out for leading a group of school opponents who casually hurl insults at students. I called her out especially because that accusation - that adjective of "brainwashed" is not some random phrase. It's been carefully and specifically cultivated by the local Clarence school destroyers to characterize anyone who disagrees with them.

Corcoran reported my response to Facebook, and Facebook deleted it.

I also posted an item to my personal page and also to the Watchdog page that read as follows:

In the preceding image, I blocked out Corcoran's name, to avoid it being deleted as "harassment" or "bullying". I think, quite frankly, that it's not "bullying" to react online to real-life bullying, and laying blame on the leader of the group that condones it.

On Tuesday, Corcoran sent me a direct message on Facebook, complaining about an image someone else had posted to the Watchdog page, and you can see my response.

Here is the missing image. It was a screen cap of one of Corcoran's own posts, and urged people to "share".

All of this was brought up back in May because Corcoran denied ever using "gluttony":

Hey! There's that word "brainwashing" again!

That post received a comment on the Watchdog site, and I replied, as follows:

Shortly thereafter, I received another notice from Facebook deleting my post - and that on Watchdog - which explained that someone had insulted two high school kids using words that Corcoran has popularized when dealing with people who disagree with her.

So, I was banned from Facebook for a 24 hours. A small price to pay for protecting Clarence schools.

Apparently, Corcoran also DM'd the person who posted the screen capture, who responded,

"I'm sorry, are you serious? These are your own words. If you think they are "inappropriate" perhaps you shouldn't have posted them in the first place. I also find it quite ironic that you are asking me to take down an image of words you posted on your PUBLIC Facebook page, yet you took a PRIVATE email correspondence from a teacher, made several hundred copies, and (illegally) stuffed them into mailboxes all around town. I'm not sure why you have decided to spend so much time and energy trying to damage the Clarence school system, but you have done real harm to my children and until you find a hobby that doesn't hurt my kids, I will continue to fight for them - using your own words, if necessary. Have a good day."

Here is Corcoran's reply:


Now, I have urged the recipient of Corcoran's vile insult to report it to Facebook, and I have reported two instances where Corcoran directly insulted me to Facebook, as well. I had contacted Facebook to appeal their banning of me and the deletions. After all, it's not like Ellie Corcoran is some random little old lady whom I was "bullying" or "harassing". On the contrary, I am engaging in political speech in direct opposition to the lies and distortion that she has to use on a regular basis in order to advance her cause.

Any suggestion that she is some innocent victim is absolutely laughable. Remember this exchange?

Here is, ultimately, Ellie Corcoran in all her glory:

I have never once published a false word about Corcoran or her cohorts. I don't frankly care what she thinks about me or anyone else. I can tell you, however, that I would never stoop so low as to call a student relation of hers "brainwashed", nor would I call her "stupid", "fat", or "ugly". That's what she does, because she cannot argue her way out of a paper bag. Her political activism as a tea partier in WNY - such as it is - is pockmarked with failure. Sergio Rodriguez. Kathy Weppner. Joe Lombardo. Jacob Kerksiek. Rich Worling. Clarence school budgets 2014 & 2015. Lenny Roberto. Why anyone takes her seriously is beyond me.

But she cries victim and whines to Facebook when people react to her own bullying tactics. She's the one who calls kids "brainwashed". She's the one who calls people "fat", "ugly", and "stupid". She's the one who distorts and lies about the school budget in Clarence, and she engaged voluntarily in a political battle, but can't even remotely stand the heat. She purposefully published a private correspondence without permission and used it as a campaign tool. These are people who appear at candidate forums with pictures of the candidates they oppose crossed out in red marker, but then whine to Facebook when they receive blowback.

They tell you it's about the "taxpayer", but it's not.

It's about demonizing and vilifying teachers and students. I told you this as early as March, when they started battling a budget that didn't even exist.

What this all boils down to is sore losers being crybabies. We'll see how consistent Facebook is in enforcing its standards.

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