Thursday, May 7, 2015

Unprincipled and Unethical School Opponents

Ellie Corcoran and her candidate, Master Joe Lombardo, made as much political hay as they possibly could from some correspondence Corcoran had with Middle School Music Teacher Nancy Benz.

In the past few years, 9 music teachers have been let go from the district, and Benz must now do the work of two teachers. Corcoran - who pays 33% less in school taxes on her home than in 2006, and Lombardo - who pays no school tax whatsoever because he lives with mom and dad - have the gall to accuse Benz of whining.

Regardless of what you thought of Benz's letter, here is the text of something she sent to me several days ago:

"Unfortunately, a private email was sent out for public comment without my permission". 

I also wanted to point out, within the context of the fact that it was a private correspondence that Corcoran and Lombardo had no permission to publish, this reaction from someone:

"Destructive class envy proponent".

"She should be held accountable for her irresponsible comments."

Held accountable how?

Irresponsible how?

She expresses her opinion, experience, and point of view and she must be publicly vilified and, on top of that, subject to some sort of punishment?

What does "destructive class envy proponent" even mean?

These people will not rest until they privatize public education and either force you to move, or hand you, let's say, a $4,000 voucher to help you pay to send your kids to private or parochial schools, which cost more than twice that for each kid at even the cheapest private school.

If they get their way, here is Clarence's future:

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