Thursday, May 14, 2015

Lombardo Attacks Priore

Poor Joey Lombardo. He took the time to access the wifi in mommy and daddy's house to excrete this:

Obviously, this kid is still smarting from how poorly he came across during the candidate forum earlier this week.

Coming from a kid who doesn't pay property or school taxes, perhaps Joe knows a thing or two about "gravy trains".

Dennis Priore was on the job educating kids for 36 years - since the 1970s; long before this kid was born. (They get all ornery when you accuse them of not supporting teachers; why, Joey's so fiscally responsible that he suggested the district should have bonded the restoration of 11 positions with a one-shot bit of borrowing. That's right - taking on debt with no state aid to fund teacher salaries - even Jason Lahti thought that was a ridiculous waste of breath.) A less fiscally prudent idea I've yet to hear.

In fact, it's barely an idea - it's a mouthnoise.

Anyone who thinks Dennis Priore doesn't deserve the retirement and pension he worked his adult life to earn is devastatingly wrong, and the notion offends even conservative sensibilities.

But since the person attacking a retiree's pension is some kid still dependent on mom and dad for the roof over his head, that displays a shocking lack of knowledge, intelligence, and seriousness wholly unbecoming of a public official.

Furthermore, Dennis Priore does a lot more than "squat". He volunteers his time with the Clarence Youth Bureau. He volunteers his time with his church, and with CSEF. (did Lombardo give so much as a cent to CSEF? No.)

Priore volunteers for non-profits like the Clarence PTO and the Choral Boosters. Dennis has earned our respect, he's earned his pension, and he gives back to the community.

All Joe Lombardo does is bitch and whine, mostly about taxes he doesn't even pay. Shame on him.

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