Monday, May 4, 2015

A 60% Increase in Teacher Salary in Just 6 Years! #RespectTheTaxpayer

Ellie Corcoran says I'm fat and ugly. Here's what I say: she's a hypocrite. How do I know? A tipster sends along these bits of information.

Recall that Ellie said (all sic):

I too was a teacher, and avery good one, so I know money doesn't make a good school. In fact, I had 34kids in a classroom w/ no aide in the inner city. Do you think you could dothat? I also have a masters degree. I only made $10,000, however, when Itaught, and I loved it. My life is not unhappy, and yes, there are wealthypeople in Clarence; but there are plenty who are strapped, and who have losttheir jobs, and these increases can't continue. If these librarians andteachers were so important, why weren't they reinstated instead ofpurchasing artificial turf, or holding classes in gourmet food, interiordecorating, foods around the world. It's pretty easy when you spend someoneelse's money. Why don't you chip in a little more for your health benefits,if you care so much. In fact your salaries are pretty decent for workingonly 9 months. I don't begrudge the salary you make, but I do get prettysick and tired of all the bragging I hear, and how wonderful you are. Education is supposed to teach you problem solving and to think outside ofthe box and find creative thought provoking solutions. Yet, all I hear is"Let the taxpayer" pay for it; but you never look at the seniors on fixedincomes or people who are struggling now. Open up your eyes, Nancy. Theother 1/2 is out there, also, and someday you'll hopefully realize you justcan't have it all...especially at someone else's quit yourwhining and act like a professional.

Ellie graduated Boston College in 1962.

She was hired as a kindergarten teacher in the Boston schools in 1963:

According to the inflation calculator, $4980 in 1963 is the equivalent of $38,200, and that's for a first-year kindergarten teacher with just a bachelor's! Here is the current salary schedule for the Clarence CTA:

The salary for a 1st year Boston schoolteacher with a B.A. in 1963 was almost identical, given inflation, to that of a 1st year Clarence schoolteacher with a B.A. in 2014.

In 1970, Ellie came up again at the Boston school board, but now her salary was $7900!

You guessed it - $7900 in 1970 is the equivalent of $47,791, about the same as a teacher in Clarence with a B.A. at step 9

You'll notice that Ellie's total raise in pay from 1963 - 1970 was a whopping 59%! That was in just 6 years, to boot! It takes a Clarence teacher 9 steps to make that kind of pay raise. 

It just goes to show you, what's good for the goose is "unsustainable" for the gander. 

This is hypocrisy at its most rank. 

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